The Aviva Community Fund
One of my first large projects at Aviva was to create the Aviva Community Fund responsive website. A high-profile public competition offering people the chance to secure funding for an important cause in their community.
Community Fund illustration for Hong Kong
Responsive layouts
I created responsive layouts for each phase of the competition (pre-launch, submissions, voting, finals and winners). Each phase was like a project in its own right, with a series of definite deadlines. We had to imagine successful experiences across different user groups and all stages. There had to be the right content, functionality and flow to help people understand and engage throughout the competition.
Some web features we created were new ones for Aviva, such as integrating Linkedin Connect for registration and log in, and social sharing via Linkedin and Twitter.
We knew that the competition platform would be adopted by other countries (such as France, Italy, Canada and Hong Kong). Our design work had to consider how what we were building might be adapted to allow for needs of different cultures.
I reviewed screens once designs were built by developers overseas to ensure they were correct and helped with functional testing.
Responsive screens for mobile and tablet design
An example of the illustration produced for the Hong Kong version of the site.
Illustration of runner
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