The GoGoDragons trail - 2015

I took part in the GoGoDragons art trail in the city of Norwich after my design was chosen in a competition.

GoGoDragons logo

Initial designs entered into the competition

I designed a dragon in the form of Norfolk’s hero, Admiral Horatio Nelson. I researched his history, uniform and medals worn at various stages in his life, producing designs in PhotoShop. I was lucky enough to be able to paint a large dragon sculpture to be displayed in the streets of Norwich amongst other dragons.

GoGoHoratio concepts

Templating Horatio's medals and unifrom

My next task was to paint and create a hat for him. I created a template with masking tape and went into fine details for the medals.

Starting the painting
Medals close up

A video of the painting process

Edited with After Effects and Premiere

Horatio on the streets of Norwich

Horatio also featured in a sticker album and local newspapers. After being sold in an auction he raised over £3,000 for Break charity.

Horatio in the street