The GoGoDragons trail - 2015

I took part in the GoGoDragons art trail in the city of Norwich after my design was chosen in a competition by one of the sponsors.

GoGoDragons logo

Initial designs entered into the competition

I designed a dragon in the form of Norfolk’s hero, Admiral Horatio Nelson. I researched his history, uniform and medals worn at various stages in his life, producing designs in PhotoShop. I was then lucky enough to paint the large dragon sculpture to be displayed in the streets of Norwich amongst other dragons.

GoGoHoratio concepts

Templating Horatio's medals and unifrom

After being picked I made sketches of Nelson and began to mark out templates of his uniform on the dragon sculpture. I used acrylic paint for the main body work as well as Posca pens for the detail of the medals.

Starting the painting
Starting the painting
Medals close up

A video of the painting process

Edited with After Effects and Premiere

Horatio on the streets of Norwich

Horatio also featured in a sticker album and local newspapers. After being sold in an auction he raised over £3,000 for Break charity.

Horatio in the street